I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love MCU Superhero. I am crazy about them as each of these superheroes brings a load of joy and excitement to our lives. Most of them are intelligent, kind, and courageous on their own, with their unique personalities. I feel when you face hardships in your life, the incredible actions of Marvel’s superheroes, either in comics or in the film form, can inspire you to buck up and never lose heart in your darkest moments. Let’s look at the famous MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) superheroes.

Famous MCU Superheroes

Oh! The list is a long one of famous MCU heroes. I am sure it won’t bore a Marvel fan, but for those already tiring of my words, let me mention just a few prominent faces you link with Marvel films or comics. From the students’ point of view, I am selecting those with impressive educational backgrounds or who even went to schools that actually exist in reality.

  • Spider-man
  • Hulk
  • Ironman
  • Doctor Strange
  • Black Panther
  • Batman
  • Daredevil

The question pops into my mind,

What MCU superhero would I choose to be to be the best student in college?”

It’s a really tricky question. There is a fierce competition about who I may consider the perfect choice, the one who is a brilliant character and somebody who also motivates me to be better in college. For instance;

  • Ironman’s Tony Stark is thought to be one of the smartest MCU superheroes who boasts graduation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a fact MIT happily accepts by referring to Stark as their “greatest fictional alumnus.”
  • Doctor Strange was a highly esteemed Surgeon before becoming the Sorcerer Supreme.
  • Hulk, a.k.a, Dr. Bruce Banner, uses his brawn-over brains in the hulking form, but his human side is considered one of the most well-educated MCU heroes.

These were some of the attractive options to follow. Personally, Spider-Man is my favorite superhero.


MCU Superhero

Yes, you have read right. The famous web-slinger who almost become the main mascot of Marvel Studios. Did you know? It’s so famous among the general population that retail products linked to this MCU superhero produce sales profits ranging in Billions every year with a rising trend. The character of Spider-Man follows Peter Parker, a young high-school student who is a regular teenager, faced with the major issues of obsessive self-rejection, inadequacy feeling, and loneliness. Any youngster or college-going student can easily click with Peter Parker, a.k.a, Spider-Man, in terms of facing similar dilemmas in their regular lives.

He starts as a nerdy late high-school student and progresses to a confident college-going student at the Empire State University (most likely a combination of real-life Columbia University and New York University). In the end, he gets graduation in Biophysics and a doctorate in Biochemistry.

How can Spiderman Influence for the Better?

I feel motivated by the Spider-Man in my college life for multiple reasons.

1.      The transition from Youngster to Adult

From a shy nerdy Peter Parker to a confident college-going Spider-Man, this character clearly portrays how to handle being an adult, a not-so-discussed matter generally. After making some mistakes as a teenager, Spider-Man learns that with ‘Great Power comes Great Responsibility ‘ and the importance of making the right moves, something you and I can both relate to.

2.      STEM education Usage

I feel a connection to Spider-Man to be the best college student as education plays a significant part in his personal growth, unlike some other superheroes. He often uses his science smarts to design his own gadgets and his suit, along with destroying the bad guys’ weapons. Especially his self-designed web slingers and fluids! He clearly shows how much you can gain from STEM education alone.

3.      Character matters

 He is not just a hero in a mask or costume. Spider-man’s journey clearly shows that our core values and character makes us what we are and not just the outer covering, be it a hero or a young student.

Parting Thought

 I find Spider-Man as my guiding MCU superhero in pursuing a great college life. You might feel a greater connection to some other MCU superhero, depending on your personal feelings and thoughts. Whoever you select, the outcome only matters, i.e., to be the best college student.