Are you one of those lucky ones who have just left high school for higher places, namely college? Then, you need to pay attention here. The idea of college may feel daunting to you, especially if you are getting conflicting advice or tips from left or right about the dos and don’ts of entering college life. It can get really stressful with the upcoming change. College is not just about getting an education or a diploma; it also shapes your future friendships and personality.

College Life

What you need to do is just relax and shed your worries or confusion. There are multiple factors that no one told you about college. After reading 7 of such factors, you will feel best prepared to tackle the new environment of your future college.

1.      You won’t get Best Friends instantly

When you shift to college, you don’t know who to trust and share your worries or joys with all the new faces around you. In the case of on-campus dorm shifting, your randomly assigned roommates will have different personalities and habits. Most probably, they will not become your BFF, but by meeting other people with tastes and interests similar to yours, you will eventually find Best Friends who might even stay your life-long friends. Who knows? So, don’t expect miracle friendship to happen instantly in college. It will take time and meet-ups.

2.      College life is not as Magical as it’s rumored

Perhaps you thought while leaving high school that college would be all about parting, bunking classes, falling in love multiple times, and drinking. Let me set you straight; it’s not all that magical. You get to attend classes punctually with a heavy load of study subjects. Being independent means greater responsibility to pass exams and not disappoint your parents or loved ones who are rooting for you to succeed.

3.      Coffee will be your lasting companion

When studying on the last night with a test or exam due the next day, there will be many days when coffee alone will keep you going on. You might surprise yourself as to how much you have started drinking coffee, especially during winters. The important thing to remember is to stay hydrated and monitor your coffee intake, as not enough food and excessive coffee intake can result in bad health.

4.      You waste money buying expensive books

Did you know you only read a few pages from the whole newly bought textbooks that are really expensive? Every year an average American student spends at least $1200 on textbooks and supplies alone. In terms of money, you can save a lot by buying second-hand books online or through a bookstore, borrowing from the library, or arranging a copy from a friend who has already covered that course. Money saved here can come in handy for your other student expenses.

5.      Your dorm room will be a shoebox

If you can afford or prefer to live off-campus, it’s good for you. But mostly, you get dorm rooms while living on-campus with random roommates assigned to you. Your dorm room would be tiny, which I can predict for you, just like a shoebox, and it will definitely not hold all your worldly possessions. So, before heading to college, make a list of those items you would actually use in college and only take those initially.

6.      Your meals become non-wholesome

Either campus food or self-cooked meals, sometimes you will not have a craving or energy for each of them due to over-packed college studies. Here, your cupboard items, though non-wholesome, will feel enough for you, like popcorns and chocolate. Still, you should force yourself to go for healthy eating habits in college.

7.      Your professors have got your back

Your professors will be regular people just like you, only with more years of education and experience. Their guidance will always be there for you, either with understanding some course material or giving a recommendation letter in the future to some company on your behalf. So, don’t be intimidated by them; instead, build a great rapport with them.

Parting Thought 

In the end, College life can still be enjoyed to the fullest by balancing all the elements of studying, partying, bunking college, and making friends. Only with moderation in your non-study activities can you hope to succeed in college.