College student celebrating being productive

College is a new experience. For the first time in your life, you are on your own. Far away from your parents nagging you, telling you to clean your room or what time to get home. You are totally free to do anything you like.

But with freedom comes great responsibility. Since there is no one to hold your hands in college, you are left to figure everything out on your own.

Many college students find it incredibly hard to balance school and life. There are several demands and distractions from work, social lives, sport, and other activities. It seems as if there are a lot of things to do but very little time to do them.

Learning how to increase your productivity can make a huge difference. This way you are able to tackle school work on time and still have room for social activities as well.

Here are some productivity tips to work with as you start college:

  1. Track your time

It is quite impossible to plan your time if you don’t know how you have been spending it. If you are working towards better time management, then you should track your time well. The first thing to do is break down goals into smaller, individual tasks.

Allocate time to each task and make sure that you note the time that you start and finish each one of them. You can use a time tracking app to make sure that you are on track. Anytime you need a break, clock off and write down the time. Consistently doing this will allow you to accurately predict how long it will take you to finish a task.

Using this method, you can plan your week accordingly. This will help you minimize time wastage and increase your confidence about the way you study. It will also improve your efficiency and the quality of work that you do.

  • Regular breaks

You might not believe it but regular breaks helps to make you more productive. When you try cramming for a long period of time at a stretch, you no longer perform at your best. The brain can only handle new information for a while, after that it starts to get tired.

To ensure maximum productivity, it is important that we don’t push our brain past its capacity. This will only cause more stress and fatigue. Taking regular breaks will allow our brain stay fresh enough to be able to retain whatever we study.

There are different break schedules that people use. You can decide to take a 5 minutes break every hour or a 30 minutes break 4 times a day, the important thing is to find what works for you. During the break, let your mind wander so it can rest and you are able to be more productive.

  • Set deadlines

After breaking down everything you need to achieve, you have to set time limits for you to achieve them. You can be determined to finish that course material within two hours, or divide up your projects into sections that you have to finish two weeks before it is due.

This will prevent you from procrastinating and maximize your productivity. Setting deadlines will help you manage your time properly and guarantee efficiency.

  • Good sleep

While it might be tempting to stay awake for one reason or the other, it is important to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Studies have shown that students tend to need even more to guarantee healthy brain function.

To ensure productivity the next day, it is necessary to slowly down at the end of the day. You can do this by putting away your phone at least an hour before bedtime. Plan to read at least a page very night, this will help to relax your mind and give you better sleep.

Not sleeping well can cause stress, so you should be sure to take proper care of your body.

Productivity makes you stand out

  • Study at your peak performance time

In order to truly be productive, you have to know the time when you are most productive. While many claim theirs is in the morning, there are others who are more productive in the mid-afternoon, evening or even late in the night.

To determine when you perform at your peak, find out when you have the highest amount of energy and concentration. It is also the time when you have very little distractions.

It is better that you do the hardest tasks when you have the greatest amount of energy and concentration. Studying for that difficult exam during your peak performance will help you to be motivated.

  • Put your phone away

While this might seem like an easy thing to do, it is becoming harder with each passing day!

Every time you check your phone, you distract yourself. It takes at least 30 minutes for you to completely refocus your brain.

There are several social media platforms and they thrive on people being addicted to their phones. This is because people pay for ads to be placed on these platforms, so more people can see it. The more people that see the ads mean more money that they make.

So, in order for them to be able to show you as many ads as possible, they make you hooked to their platform.

So if you want to be productivity and not have to focus every time, you should try turning your phone off or put it on airplane mode.

Staying on the tasks at hand and trying to be productive can be quite difficult with the demands that are all around us. It is even harder with the distractions in college.

But by following the above tips and putting effort, you will be able to build habits that will help you to beome more productive as a college student.