Summer Camp Leaders – Ignite Martial Arts

We are inviting talent to join our amazing family.

If you have an awesome attitude, enjoy empowering people and helping them maximize their potential; we would love to hear from you!

We are after talent who possess a unique ability to inspire members of our tribe, to understand their personal struggles while nurturing and cultivating them to be the best they can be!

We don’t care if you don’t have a degree, we are looking for talent who will immerse themselves in our values and vision, feel comfortable working with tiny humans, and make a significant difference in the lives of those you come in contact with!

Like all talent that join our family we not only support but also encourage growth and development of your extraordinary skillz (because how can you stay or become amazing without it!)

If you know that you are one in ten thousand then send your resume to 

The road to great things starts with one step; all you have to do is take it!

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