Culturally Responsive Teaching with Molly

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Join us in the second episode of our virtual professional learning series, “Teaching With Molly of Denali” as we explore some of the very important social and emotional learnings that are woven into the show, especially those that teach the values of diversity and inclusion. In the show, Molly investigates all the interesting and important ways her culture is part of who she is, and she shares her cultural values and awareness with her friends and community. In this virtual professional learning episode, educators will be lead through a discussion about how educators can honor their students, embrace differences and appreciate similarities in a systematic way, that goes beyond simply offering food samples from around the world or engaging in reading aloud.

The episode, hosted by PBS Digital Innovator All-Stars Elisabeth Bostwick, Heather Gauck, Paige Somoza and Larissa Wright-Elson, will explore best ways to integrate the values of cultural acceptance and curiosity in the classroom and help both educators and students embrace all learners, celebrate what makes us different, and delight in values and traditions we share.

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Thu, April 23, 2020 – 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

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Published on: 18th April 2020
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