Salary: £50 for the video


We need someone to remotely shoot and edit a short video for our website, We’re currently in the middle of our Clear Your Clutter Campaign, themed around selling your unused items or getting rid of them/reusing them in any way possible.

The Brief

 Video Length: 1-3 minutes


The video should be focused on an everyday object, such as a bike or a blender, being re-used by different people. So rather than the blender or bike gathering dust on a shelf or in a garage, it is passed on to someone else, who makes the most of it. A great video would be different kids riding the same bicycle over time.

 We will pay £50 for the video and you’ll be featured on our site, exposed to over 150,000 unique visitors per month.

 Please send a showreel and plan/ideas for the video to the email address provided.

 If we like your work there will be opportunities to work on more videos in the future.


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