Our Mission

making student life better

Stuuli’s aim is to make student life easier. We offer a simple way for students to exchange goods, find and list accommodation, search for jobs and internships and join events and societies in their local area.

Stuuli provides students with a safe and secure platform to advertise and sell to a large and growing student population. So, whether you want to sell your old textbooks or find someone to take over your lease, Stuuli is the place for you!

All our student users and businesses are verified by us to ensure a trustworthy and reliable service. We want to create a stress-free Stuuli experience, so rest assured, all listings advertised on our site are vetted.

1. Join us

Registering with Stuuli is super easy!

Click on the login button, click the student button, fill in your details and join the Stuuli community.

You’ll receive a verification email from us (make sure to check your junk mail) to confirm your registration.

2. Submit Your Listing

Creating a listing on Stuuli is quick and simple..

Once you’ve registered and logged in, click on create a listing.  Fill in the required information and add photos to make your listing stand out, preview what your ad looks like and then click submit!

At Stuuli we know you want to do things your way, so we offer you the chance to customize your ad as much as you like, for free!