One of the most difficult parts of student life can be budgeting… as a full-time student, every dollar counts!

Here are some handy hints to stretch your money as far as possible!

It’s still good!

       1. Reduced stickers are your best friend

Keep an eye out for that fresh loaf of bread at the supermarket with the Reduced price sticker on it as its just as good as the branded one in the bread aisle! Figure out when your local supermarket starts putting reduced stickers on the milk/bread/meat and you will save a fair amount of money on products that still have a few days of use in them. You can always freeze them for later if you don’t want to eat/drink it straight away!

  1. Cheap Tuesdays

From pizza places and pubs to the movies, establishments offer discounts, 2 for 1 deals and more!  The cheap Tuesday phenomenon is widespread
Check your phone plans perks for movies too – some have affiliations with certain cinema chains and you can get tickets for almost half price – cheaper than your student discount.
A number of pizza chains like Papa Johns have special discounts on a Tuesday… that could be lunch AND dinner for £5 a meal! Bargain!

University events are a goldmine for free food!


  1. University events 

Keep an eye out for your university’s events – not only can you meet new people but you could score a free feed!



  1. Borrow text books

Text books can be a HUGE expense at the beginning of each semester, but they don’t have to be! Borrow from the library to save hundreds of dollars on a book that you will either never look at again or be selling at the end of the course. If you do need to buy the books, consider purchasing second hand textbooks.



5. Student discounts

Many establishments offer discounts to students – be it for food, products clothing or entertainment. Keep your student card on you at all times to take advantage of every student discount you can find! Alternatively we’re all about student discounts and deals and these are regularly updated on our pages so make sure to visit regularly so you don’t miss out on the best ones.



  1. ‘Free’ tea

Every time you meet friends for coffee you’re probably forking out between £2 and £5 and this can add up quickly! Buy a box of tea bags and take them with you – A cup of hot water should be free and all you need to enjoy a beverage when you’re out! (You could be even more environmentally friendly and bring your own travel mug around!)


  1. Apply for scholarships

While this is more about helping financially rather than saving money, a scholarship could make a world of difference! Universities have a lot of scholarships to offer, all you need to do is apply.


Buy food in bulk!

  1. Buy in bulk

Buy your toiletries and non-perishables in bulk. A big bag of rice or pasta will last a long time and you can cook up a giant batch and freeze it! Get a few friends together and buy household items in bulk and split the cost – this is where a friend with a Costco membership comes in handy!

Try out some Indomie brand instant noodle



  1. Dress up your Ramen 

As a student, you can’t go wrong with noodles. Though Ramen and two minutes noodles aren’t always the best form of nutrition, but add an egg to make egg drop soup and you’ve got some protein with your tasty, cheap meal! Adding tofu and vegetables can also make the simple meal a whole lot heartier!


If these tips aren’t enough, fear not! Check out our article discussing student loans and how to find reliable ones.

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