If not managed, boredom leads to excessive sleeping, poor choices, decisions and depression. Although Boredom shouldn’t be an issue for students as most student are preoccupied with school work, jobs and chasing dreams, students still confess to being bored and this is as result of the following:

  • Doing the same thing every day: Most students do the same thing every day, go to school, work, sleep, party during the weekends and repeat. Sometimes not in the order presented. This repetitive routine makes students bored as everyday becomes predictive and no thrill or excitement comes from doing the same thing over and over again.
  • Poor Time Management Skills: Although time management should be an obvious skill every student should possess, this is not the case. While some students are able to manage attending classes, completing assignments and working at the same time, some students are unable to do this due to lack of experience or interest in doing so or procrastination, the pleasant way of describing laziness.Poor time management = Procrastination = Boredom
  • The environment or location: The environment or location a student resides in plays a role in causing or eliminating boredom. Most students who reside in smaller towns and communities might experience boredom as a result of less fun and engaging things to do and a few or lack of places to visit. Whereas, students in bigger cities may experience less boredom as they are provided with lots of engaging and fun activities and places to participate in and go to. For instance, smaller towns may have few or no shopping malls, parks or recreational centres, however bigger cities would have multiple shopping malls in different location, parks and places attractive to students.Lack of planning: Most students experience boredom as a result of not having goals or the interest to try or learn new and different things, gain new experiences or progress after achieving a goal.

The most practical and evident way of avoiding boredom at any point is being active, managing time wisely and setting goals. We have provided 4 ways students can eliminate boredom in the Kootenay region.

Boredom Killer #1. Avoid doing the same thing every day:

Be spontaneous!

  • Make sudden travel plans or trips to a new location, visit a place you’ve never been to before, go to the cinema.
  • Learn or participate in a sport or game you don’t know how to play.
  • Learn a new skill, a new musical instrument.
  • Join a school club
  • Practice personal development by reading, listening to Ted talks or podcasts, learning IT skills which would also be beneficial in your career.
  • Make new friends.

The more plans and activities you have planned for a time period, the less bored and idle you will feel.

Boredom Killer #2. Get a Job

Getting a part time job that allows you study, work and some time off is advice able. Remember boredom is cured by being active and avoiding repetition, so you want to choose a job you like and one that is positively challenging and enables you to develop both personally and professionally.

Boredom Killer #3. Start a side hustle

This is a great way to make extra money for bills and shopping and also avoid boredom. Starting a business or project such as dropshipping or a skill based business like writing blogs, creating websites or hair dressing and more while at school are great ways to be active. A business would keep you occupied, enable you gain great skills, experiences and may turn out to be a successful career for you. It is important to note though that as a student your studies take higher priority so practicing effective time management should allow you accomplish this.

Boredom killer #4 – Set Goals

Setting goals gives you something to work for and look towards to. It keeps you motivated and determined to archive it. Your goals could include saving up to buy a car or going to the gym to keep fit. Whatever your goal maybe, this is an effective way of eliminating boredom.

In summary, the best way to eliminate boredom is through being active, avoiding repetitive routines, setting goals, getting a job, learning new things and starting a business venture. If you follow these suggestions, we are certain that, as a student, you won’t experience boredom while studying in the Kootenay region.

If you have any suggestions or would like to share the ways you avoid boredom, feel free to share or comment about this, you would be making a student’s life much better.